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that is our building
and we sell paper

im crying bc nobody cared about Pam’s art exhibit but SWEETHEART MICHAEL DID

Probably the best moment of the whole show.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966) You must get discouraged because more people believe in Santa Claus than in you. Well, let’s face it; Santa Claus has had more publicity, but being #2, perhaps you try harder.

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Foo Fighters The Cubby Bear, Chicago, October 17th, 2014



  • All My Life 
  • I’ll Stick Around 
  • Rope 
  • (Jam of Outside similar to one … more)
  • Up in Arms 
  • (Dedicated to Steve Albini)
  • Big Me 
  • White Limo 
  • Arlandria 
  • My Hero 
  • Stiff Competition 
  • (Cheap Trick cover) (with Rick Nielsen) (Taylor on lead vocals, Dave on drums)
  • Cold Day in the Sun 
  • (Taylor on lead vocals)
  • Miss You 
  • (The Rolling Stones cover) (Taylor on lead vocals)
  • Generator 
  • Walk 
  • Learn to Fly 
  • This Is a Call 
  • (Jam interlude, Dave goes into … more)
  • The Pretender 
  • Best of You 
  • Surf Combat 
  • (Naked Raygun cover) (with Jeff Pezzati) (skipped encore break before this song)
  • Weenie Beenie 
  • Surrender 
  • (Cheap Trick cover) (with Rick Nielsen) (opening riff of ‘Into the … more)
  • Something From Nothing 
  • (with Rick Nielsen)
  • Everlong 

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Keep fighting. Don’t take no for an answer. Find a different way, this way’s not working. Try something else, but don’t give up. It’s always worth the fight. — Jared answering a fan’s question at TorCon 2014 about what the biggest thing is he’s learned from Sam in his life or his career. (via roadtoshambala)

sorry, Avi and Jake, I’m not trying to hurry you guys.  I just want to be part of your epic love story, because you both deserve happily ever after. 


Season 9 Promo Outtakes

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Gift for Jared and Jensen. The bottles are engraved with JARED N JENSEN 10 YEARS OF SUPERNATURAL.

The shotglasses are imprinted with the antipossession symbol and SUPERNATURAL 10TH ANNIVERSARY 2005-2015.

We had enough donations to send a gift to the writers as well, and donate $100 to St Judes and $300 to Team Levi.

Jensen and Jared seemed very pleased—Jensen says he always has two bottles of scotch in his house, and Johnny Walker Blue is one of them (and he was running low). They also loved that we were doing something for the crew as well.

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This is your Sunday evening reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you. — (via properkidproblems)

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Double Exposure LoVe kisses. Inspired by (x)

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Misha & Osric’s E4K Kayak tour selfies [donate]

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